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Legal Production and Tracking of Cannabis


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As the government works through the process of legalizing the production and consumption of Cannabis in Canada, new companies are racing forward to start production. Along with the logistics of setting up the facility, producers are going to be faced with government mandated product tracking. Traceability, which is the ability to track the raw materials (one step back) and the production, sale and distribution to customers (one step forward) is a requirement for licencing.

TraceAll is uniquely suited for these tasks. Not only has TraceAll been tracking production of all types of products both in Canada and elsewhere in the world for the last ten years, but it has the ability to simplify the tracking of production.  Competitive software forces the company to use expensive RFID tags or barcodes on each individual plant. While TraceAll can also track production this way, it also can track “Batches” of plants via unique lot numbers as they progress through the growing process. All raw materials are captured via barcodes ensuring accuracy and efficient data collection throughout the production cycle.  Fertilizer, Carbon Dioxide, and other “treatments” can be added to the process as they are used, capturing all important information including the user applying the treatment.

All raw material, supplier, production, packaging, shipment and customer information has complete traceability and reporting capabilities. Mock recalls based on incoming raw materials, production, shipments, etc. can be completed in minutes.

Ready for more? Production of Cannabis is just the first step! As legislation is introduced, Cannabis based food products is another market that will be embraced. TraceAll can track and trace all food based production without and modifications or increased costs. The same software solution can track the plant from seed/cutting all the way to final packaging and distribution of edible products.

TraceAll is a simple yet powerful solution that will satisfy traceability requirements cost effectively while delivering many additional benefits.


See how TraceAll is used to trace all aspects of Cannabis production:

Case Study: Cannabis Production


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March 23, 2016 Taste Your Future Launch Today! Please join in!

tasteyourfuture sq

Today, Food and Beverage Ontario (FBO) has launched Taste Your Future/Votre Avenir a du Goût, showcasing the abundance of jobs in Ontario’s food and beverage processing sector. Please join the Taste Your Future career awareness campaign and show your support for Ontario’s food and beverage sector.

Research conducted by FBO shows that while awareness of the opportunities in the industry is low, Ontarians – particularly young people, their parents and newcomers – have an appetite to learn more.

Taste Your Future is designed to feed that hunger and we need your help to get the message out so that we can create new jobs across Ontario by showcasing what the industry has to offer.

How can you help?

  • Join the conversation. Follow us on Twitter @TasteYourFuture and Facebook/TasteYourFuture

  • Spread the word. Share a link to our website with your colleagues, friends and fans via email, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. 

  • Encourage young people. If you know a young Ontarian considering post-secondary school or looking for work, tell them about the great opportunities in Ontario’s food and beverage sector


GF2 square

New funding and submission dates announced!

In Ontario, Food Processors can submit applications March 4 - March 24, 2016.

We can help! Contact us to assist you in submitting an application to help fund the assessment, training, software and hardware requirements for implementing traceability systems at your facility.

Growing Forward 2 is a federal-provincial initiative that encourages innovation, competitiveness and market development in Canada's agri-food and agri products sector. Whether you are starting out, or have been in business a long time, GF2 can help you reach your goals.

In Ontario, Growing Forward 2 offers resources, tools and cost-share funding assistance to eligible producers, processors, organizations and collaborations to grow their profits, expand markets and manage shared risks.

New ERP Functionality added to Base Version!

We are excited to anounce that new, easy to understand, valuable forcasting features have been added to TraceAll Lite. Now you can quickly understand key information about your inventory (both raw materials and Finished goods) age, upcoming best before dates, inventory levels, customer purchase history... and more.

Just a few of the features available are shown here. Please contact us or request a demo to see these features in action.


Planning RM needed SM


Planning RM expiries SM


Planning RM expiries with Where Used SM


Planning FP expiries SM


Planning FP expiries with customers SM


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TraceAll is pleased to announce our new website!


In order to better serve our customers and the Track and Trace software community, TraceAll has launched a new website.

Informative links to food recalls (US and Canadian), product details, case studies, News Letters and upcoming events are all made available through our new site. As always, feedback is welcomed! Do you have additional needs or interests that we could provide on the site? Do you know of new products or events that would be of interest to the traceability community? We would be very pleased to add your content or links to our site!


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